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Nepal is the perfect holiday destination to encounter the spirit of true Himalayan adventure and is also gateway for Tibet & Bhutan.

N epal is the land of beautiful contrasting geography and rich culture.Nature has bountifully bestowed Nepal with the magnificent Himalayan Mountain range which traverses the country right across its northern fringe providing spectacular views to the onlooker and many a great challenge to mountaineers from all over the world. Besides these marvelous snow-clad phenomena, the rest of the country is hills, valleys and tropical lowlands. These variations in altitude makes Nepal an arena for a great variety of plant and animal life. Such exotic species of flora like the Rhododendron, Primulae and Orchids are a common sight in the wilderness. Among the fauna, the alpine region of the country harbors rare animals like Snow Leopards, Musk Deer, Blue sheep and Himalayan Tahrs. In Terai region while on a jungle safari, encounters with Rhinos, Royal Bengal Tigers, Leopards, Gaurs, Sloth Bears and Crocodiles are not uncommon. The numerous glacier fed rivers that flow down from the Hima