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How healthy is eating Broiler Chicken?

If you use to eat broiler chicken, you should know about the following things that how healthy is eating chicken. If the hens are healthy then eating chicken is good too, if not, it mayn't be benefited to take those chicken. Specially, if chicken use to grow rapidly by using various drugs, then it's difficult to say its better to eat those chicken. Here are some tips for that: For More Details... The immune system of broiler chicken is very low. So, producers use to apply several injections, antibiotics and other medicines to improve immune system. If we eat those chicken that means we are also swallowing those medicines at absolutely free. Broiler chickens are grown in same place as mass production. So, if anyone of those hen got infected from diseases it will promptly spread to others. According to a research, there is presence of high cholesterol in broiler chicken, which leads to threat of cancer. Used chemicals on broiler chicken for rapid growth does di